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Cut Lamp Range

A 3D printed sandstone lampshade, available as a hanging pendant or a floor lamp. 3D printing in sandstone allows super thin walls with crisp facets, which glow with the light, and geometric white is offset by a hand set cork collar.


The floor lamp features a Tasmanian oak stand with brass fittings, is completely dismountable, and includes 4 meters of fabric covered lighting cord. The hanging lampshade is available with lighting cord to hang and plug into the wall, or sold individually for your own installation.


Due to the 3D printed sandstone, it is advised to use a light bulb 25 watts or under. I recommend an energy saving 8 watt (25 watt equivalent) bulb.


Available to purchase from Artisan or here.

Geometry Jewellery Range

The Geometry range of jewellery is designed to be sleek and bold, yet fun and affordable. The interlocking parts are 3D printed as one piece, and 3D printing also allows these pieces to be made in smaller runs and customised on demand. Some pieces are then hand embroidered by the designer to give a burst of colour and a handmade touch.

With prices starting from $24.95 they are a little piece of wearable art. Select items are available at the AskForOompa online store, or at retailers such as Avid Reader Bookstore and Artisan Gallery in Brisbane.​


Bamboo Side Table

This Bamboo Table was designed to be a one off gift as a bedside table, however is now available in limited numbers. The simple, understated design is a timeless reference to mid century Scandinavian design, made from durable CNC routed bamboo plywood and hand finished with bold dowel joinery.

This design can be customized to nearly any size, with prices starting from $300.


Aukko Storage Box

Aukko is Finnish for 'slot' or 'aperture', and while this storage box is primarily for home offices, it will fit into nearly any home situation. Free from any extra hardware or glues, it slots together to create a storage compartment that fits neatly under a desk or table, or stacks against a wall. It also has the ability of being set to tilt back, ergonomically designed to allow access while seated.

Held together with a colourful ribbon or rope, it has a crafty, hand made feel even though it is manufactured through CAD. Available in limited numbers, please contact for availability.


Aukko Lounging Chair

The Aukko Lounging Chair is a comfortable chair that is suitable for both inside and outside use, and it's simplicity of form underlines a complexity of design that beautifully brings together form and function.

Made entirely from a single sheet of plywood without the use of glue or nails, it is designed for assembly and disassembly for the urban nomad. Features a limited edition hand screen print, with more print options to come and individual customization available. Contact for price and availability.​


Neu Table Lamp

The Neu Table Lamp is an experiment in additive manufacturing, which plays with the contradiction of new technology and traditional craft by offsetting rapid prototyped ceramic with reclaimed timber cores and recycled copper electrical wire. The result resembles an abstract fireplace in a mix of old and new that questions where we came from and where we are going.

This product is currently going through final prototyping please email for more information.

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